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Thumbnail Project Description Contribution Client Length
Cinematography Reel My favorite shots from the last couple years. DoP, Editor, Color Grade, Music NA 2min
Where Imaginations Lead A 2 minute commercial created for an audience of General Electric executives. It was the largest budget I've ever worked with ($40,000), acting as Director of Photography and managing a 7 person camera department. DoP, Color Grade Northeastern University 2min
Class of 2025 A short fundraising piece the CASE Organization named 2015's best higher-ed fundraising video, awarding it the Grand Gold Award in their international competition. DoP, Color Grade Northeastern University 3min
Torch@10 A half hour documentary featuring 5 recipients of NU's Torch Scholarship. Each subject is at a different stage of life, so we are able to follow the story of a Toch scholar from childhood, through the application process, freshman year, a semester abroad, graduation, first job, then finally, marriage and kids. It was an ambitious project, filmed over the course of 12 months and originally screened at Torch's 10 year anniversary celebration. If you have the time, settle down and watch the whole thing. You'll cry at the end. Concept, DoP, Color Grade, Co-Editor Northeastern University 27min
Extra Credit An educational Youtube channel I describe as a mashup of PBS Digital Studios, Radiolab, and office hours with your favorite professor. There are lots of popular educational Youtube channels, but universities are innexplicably absent. Our first mircocourse is currently in production, but this is a sneak preview of the first episode. Everything (except animation) Northeastern University 12min
Grand Slam Baseball A short marketing piece I shot over the course of a week in India. It features a Northeastern student who started an American baseball league in New Dehli. I loved traveling to shoot and hope to do it more in the future. Everything Northeastern University 5min
Artist Vignettes A series of 3 mini-docs that ended up being more like cinematography exercises than actual stories. The subjects include a landscape painter, a custom cymbal maker, and a large format photographer. The painting piece won a video contest hosted by Dinotopia creator, James Gurney. He called it the most beautiful video about painting he'd ever seen. Everything NA 3min
Video for Colleges Podcast A podcast I co-host with my boss, Joe Case. We interview university video producers from schools all over the country. The show has attracted dozens of listeners. I also designed the website. Co-Host, Engineer, Brand Design Video for Colleges 45min
Music A selection of musical recordings I've done over the years with various artists. Drums NA 45min
Production Documents I spent a long time searching the web for a simple, well designed call sheet, but they were all either a hodge podge of information, or overkill for NU's small productions. I swapped out the complex spreadsheet for a simple Google Doc. Feel free to use it for your own productions. Select "File ---> Make a Copy" to save a version for yourself. I also created this concept brief to help organize my team's thoughts during pre-production. Everything Video for Colleges NA
Name Frank Hegyi
Skills DP, Colorist, AC, PA